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What is Pengsquare?
We are a small startup dedicated to changing the way digital interactions work.

We started out as a platform for sharing and collecting digital art in 2015.

We then pivoted to a coding shop for niche markets. We built apps to help developers translate content easily, apps to streamline web designer workflows and many more.
We are currenlty exploring how we can make interactions with smart devices even more meaningful in the context of our latest technology Koriander Touch.

We believe, that technology can change the world, again and again. With anything we do at Pengsquare, we aim to understand what digital can bring to the world.
Koriander Touch
Koriander Touch
With Pengsquare Koriander Touch, we are complementing the digitization portfolio for a networked world with physical objects that are technically easy to produce and do not contain any electronic components. Our invention (patent pending) interacts spatially-resolved and allows completely new interactive experiences.

Physical objects and digital applications? What is that for? Quite simply: multisensory experiences demonstrably strengthen the sustainability of the experience.

The Koriander Touch technology can enable gaming experiences that have never been seen before. By adding physical objects as a central component to any game context, a new level of bonding of player and game is possible. We can combine boardgame and tabletop genres with a native digital experience.

Multisensory experiences demonstrably strengthen the sustainability of the learning experience. Facts can be remembered longer and are always connected to an actual experience. Especially children can leverage the potential to increase learning performance.

Many digitial interactions lack a physical part - which makes the overall experience less complete. For example take a software synthesizer - it just does not feel right, when no knobs are present. Imagine the potential of Koriander Touch, enabling all sorts of digital device experiences.
License Koriander Touch?
Software Development Kit
Koriander Touch is only as good as the apps and experiences it can enable. While we are focusing on building such on our end, we also strongly believe, that a healthy ecosystem of 3rd party developers building applications will strengthen the core experience.

We plan to release a public SDK as soon as the first applications roll out to the market. Based on our research and experience, others will be able to build Koriander Touch right into their own developments.
early access to Koriander Touch SDK
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